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MKSK Consulting is pleased to be a Digital Outcomes and Specialists accredited supplier to supply digital services and support to public sector organisations managed by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS).
The Framework allows public sector organisations to procure cloud computing services on government-approved, short-term contracts through the online Digital Marketplace. MKSK MD – Mohammed Khan said, “This is a milestone win for the business on our first attempt and has taken a huge amount of work, which we hope will benefit other areas of our business moving forward.”

The framework has proved to be an innovative procurement initiative for public sector bodies that use cloud computing, including central government, local government and key sectors such as the emergency services and digital transformation human resources services. Operated by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), the framework encourages the adoption of cloud-based IT services across the public sector. It allows suppliers and contractors to bid for new technologies and services more efficiently, without the need to enter the full tender process.


  • Easy access to suppliers with the right capabilities (compliant with the Digital by Default Standard)
  • Guaranteed supplier capacity to deliver digital projects at multiple UK locations
  • Flexible and speedy route to meet customers’ digital project needs

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