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Oracle Integrations – MKSK Foundations:

We have developed integrations for Oracle Cloud HCM (Fusion) which can be utilised as a foundation in order accelerate your solution delivery.

Payroll Integrations:




Other 3rd Party Payroll Providers

Benefits Integrations

Integrations to Microsoft Calendar and Google Calendars

We can help you integrate your Oracle HCM data to Microsoft and Google Calendar.

Integrations for creating and managing data in Oracle Cloud HCM easily such as Work Schedules, Work Patterns and Work Shifts

Oracle Application Implementation

Most Oracle Implementations involve integrating various Oracle and non-Oracle applications within the organisation’s infrastructure to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve decision-making processes. Integrations play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication and data flow between different modules and external systems.

Integrating Oracle applications with third-party software or legacy systems already in place is a crucial component of implementing Oracle applications in order to optimise functionality and capitalise on current investments. This sometimes entails creating unique interfaces or utilising pre-made connections to provide channels of communication across unrelated systems.

In addition, Oracle Application Implementation includes the integration of Oracle ERP, SCM, HCM, and CRM modules from inside the Oracle ecosystem to construct a single platform supporting end-to-end business operations. This connection offers a comprehensive perspective of operations, removes silos, and enables real-time data exchange.

Oracle Application Implementation also include integrating via web services or APIs with suppliers, customers, and other partners to provide easy communication and information sharing. This connection expedites order fulfilment, increases customer happiness, and improves supply chain visibility.

In order to guarantee that the integrated ecosystem satisfies the needs of the company and spurs commercial growth, thorough planning, strong integration strategies, and tight cooperation between stakeholders are all necessary for a successful Oracle application implementation.